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Company Roster

The 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry "The Camargo Guards"

Captain Johnathan Smith

1st SGT Billy Walker

2nd SGT Cary Jolly

CPL Wade Grove

CPL Dennis Owens


Matthew Anders

Chris Bates

Lee Bates

Greg Fleitz Sr

Greg Fleitz Jr

Nick Fleitz

Peyton Hall

Josh Harris

Kurt Huskey

Steve Milliam

Jonathan Rudolph

Graham Salisbury

Mark Santucci

Jacob Walker

Jimmy Walker

Friends from the 27th Alabama

Byron Godbee

Barry Thigpen

Honorary Members

Steve Boyd
John Hill
Terry Kennemer
Steve Marcrom
Luther Merriman
Tex Moore(deceased)
Ron Neale
Bud Rogers
Davy Smith
Jerry Smith(deceased)
Tom Walling(deceased)
Cameron Williams
Neal Williams