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8th Tennessee Today

The 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry "The Camargo Guards"

8th Tennessee Today

Today the regiment lives on through our group of reenactors, some of us descendants of the men who served in the original regiment. We are dedicated to the accurate representation of the Army of Tennessee Confederate Soldier. Though our backgrounds, ages and vocations are diverse, we are bonded together by a deep mutual interest in and respect for the deeds of those whom we represent.

We are pleased that you chose our unit to serve with. We think you will find that members of our company and battalion are some of the friendliest reenactors in the hobby. The men of this unit will do all that they can to make your experiences in the hobby as enjoyable as possible.

In our company you will experience life as a Confederate soldier both in camp and "in the line of battle." It is not our purpose to glorify war, but to learn in small ways, perhaps, what the life of the common solider was like and to have a better understanding of the "War Between the States."

In our company, you can march across the same hallowed ground that those brave men did so long ago. You will stand pickets and hear the roar of gunfire. You will get a new perspective on the war by actually being able to recreate the way they lived in the 1860s.

Though we can never experience what these men actually endured, we can better appreciate what they went through by "walking a mile in their shoes." It is, beyond measure, a rewarding thing to do