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Members Civil War Ancestors

The 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry "The Camargo Guards"

Johnny & John Atnip

John C Atnip, 16th TN INF

Watt Cantrell, 16th TN INF

Steve Boyd

Edward East Buchanan, Captain, 1st (6th) Wheeler's Tenn. Cav.

William Frank Turk, drummer, 63rd Tenn. Inf.

Bill Currin

John B Currin Pvt Company E 32nd TN Vol. Inf.

Amasa L Corpier Pvt Company I 32nd TN Vol Inf

Harrison Ford

Ben Judd

Andrew Judd 13th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry

Wade Grove

Private Clayborn Grove, 35th TN Infantry Co. B

Private Ransom Gwynn Martin, 16th Infantry TN Co. D

Lieutenant James Willey Foutch Allison's TN Cav. Squadron

Co. A.R. Donald Allison's TN Cav. Squadron

Sergeant Jacab Atnip, 84th TN Infantry Co. E

John Hill & Sam Hill

J. McKendree Hill (great_grandfather, Paternal) First Sergeant, C.S.A. 12th Tennessee Cavalry, ''C'' Company

John James Moore (Great Grandfather, Maternal) Pvt _ Color Corporal _ 3rd Corporal _ 1st

Sergeant Co. G, 3rd Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A.

Charles A. Huddleston (Great_great Uncle, Maternal) Captain, C.S.A. Private _ 13th Mississippi

Infantry Regiment, ''D'' Company Captain _ 40th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, ''A'' Company

Green B. Huddleston (Great_great Uncle, Maternal) Rank unknown, C.S.A. J. D. Smith's Light

Artillery (Virginia)

Robert Anderson (Great_great Grandfather, Paternal) Major General, USA

Robert E. Anderson (great_grandfather, Paternal) Captain, USA 22nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

George Phillip Bechdoldt (Great_grandfather, Paternal) Private, USA 4th Illinois Volunteer


Jamie Holt

J. T. Lowery 3rd Tenn/ 11th Tenn Calvary

Kurt Kuskey

Pvts. Alex Huskey, James Huskey, 5th South Carolina Vol. Inf. (Palmetto Sharpshooters)

Eric Jones

John Nelson Ball 5th Tenn Calvary

Tommy & Wayne Kell

George Kell

Andrew Sparkman

James M. Johnson

Patrick Moore

Terry Kennemer

Mack Colman Mullins 23rd INF Tennessee Co. E My Grand Pa's Grand Pa

Miles Murray 8th INF Tennessee Co. D My Grand Mothers Grand Pa

T.N. Driver Sgt 23rd Battalion Tennessee Infantry (Newman's)

Steve Marcrom

Pvt.W.R.Ross Co.D_40th Tn. Infantry C.S.A.

Luther Merriman

Lowra Monroe Merriman

Isaac Fridell

Thomas G. Davis

Wiley Merriman

Ron Neale

Pvt. Micajah Dotson Walker Sr. "C" Company 35th Tennessee Infantry Great Grandfather

Pvt. Dillard Ausker Livingston Walker, "I" co. 8th Tennessee Cavalry (age 13) great_uncle

Captain James W. Walker "I" co. 8th Tennessee cavalry, great, great_uncle

James D. Rosson

Pvt. David Mitchell Burks, 44th TN INF Co. D

Cpl. Malcom M. Johnson, 35th TN INF Co.H

Lamuel Brunell "Bud" Rogers

Levie Rogers

Eli Rogers

Willie Bess

Robert Bess

Bried Campbell USA

W. H. Lynn USA

Johnathan Smith

Marion Rice Cobb Pvt, 1st TN Inf (Turney's) (4th Great uncle)

Felix W Motlow, Corporal/Pvt. 1st TN Inf (Turney's) (3rd Great uncle)

Zadock Motlow, Pvt. 1st TN Inf (Turney's) (3rd Great_grand father)

Rufus B Parkes 1st LT, 5th KY Inf. / PVT, 23rd TN Inf (3rd Great_grand father)

Joel Anderson Pitts Pvt, 8th TN Inf (3rd Great_grand father)

Joseph M. Sebastian Pvt, 8th TN Inf (3rd Great_grand father)

Robert C Wiseman Pvt 41st TN Inf (3rd Great_grand father)

Aaron W. Tripp, Pvt. Co B 44th TN INF (3rd Great uncle)

William C Tripp, Cpl Co B, 44th TN INF (3rd Great uncle)

Jonathan Stewart

Lt. General Alexander Peter "Old Straight" Stewart, Army of Tennessee

Captain John Stewart, ordnance officer for General A. P. Stewart

Major Robert Caruthers Stewart, aide to General A. P. Stewart

Lieutenant Alphonso Chase Stewart, aide to General A. P. Stewart

Corporal H. R. Terry, 25th Tennessee Infantry, Company I

Private A. P. Terry, 25th Tennessee Infantry, Company I

Private Bird Terry, 25th Tennessee Infantry, Company I

Private W. C. Terry, 25th Tennessee Infantry, Company I

Private William J. Terry, 25th Tennessee Infantry, Company I

Private Uriah Terry, 25th Tennessee Infantry, Company I

Private John W. Holloway, 32nd Tennessee Infantry, Company B

Billy & Zak Walker


Pvt James Martin Walker Company E 23rd TN Inf. Battalion, died Rock Island


Capt. Thomas Puryer Company G 7th TN Cav. KIA Cherokee Creek, Ala


Robert Barton 24th TN Inf. wounded at Chickamauga.

Dan Whitaker

George Templeton

Henry Horn Sugg

Joe Whitaker

George Howard