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The 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry "The Camargo Guards"

The 8th Tennessee is based in Middle Tennessee. We are members of the Cotton States Battalion. We have members all over Middle Tennessee. We even have members in Kentucky. Our company strives to promote our past through school programs, living history events, marker placements, and grave re dedications. Through our reenacting at National Battlefields, and battle reenactments we attempt to give an accurate portrayal of the Confederate Army of Tennessee soldier and if required Untied States soldier on campaign. Our Federal impression is that of the 22nd Illinois Infantry

The Tennessee Infantry Regiments we strive to Honor were among the hardest fighting units ever to bear arms for the Confederacy.

Their men fell in battles with the chilling names of Mill Springs, Shiloh, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin, and Nashville.

These men were volunteers . . . farmers, merchants, schoolboys, blacksmiths, clerks, and bankers...but they stood toe to toe with the best the Union could muster-some of them elite U.S. Regular units-and drove them from the field.

The guns are silent now, and the blood these men shed has long since seeped into the soil they trod. They are gone now, but they are not forgotten.

2017 Schedule of Events

Camp of Instruction at Hall's Mill Camp

March 10-11

155th Shiloh

April 7-9

Battle of Resaca, GA

May 19-21

Drill and Blackpowder Shoot at Hall's Mill

June date to be announced

Kennesaw Mtn Living History with the 4th Kentucky

July 29-31

Stones River Living History

September 8-10

Living History on the Fayetteville Square

During Host Of Christmas Past

November 10-11

Stones River Battlefield Living History

December 29-31